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About IPC Capital

IPCapital is an international company committed to providing global users with a comprehensive set of digital asset services.

We specialize in research and development on the future of Fintech, such as quantitative trading, leveraged AI trading systems, cloud storage systems, and business management software.

At IPCapital, we are sworn to uphold the principles of professionalism, innovation, collaboration, and integrity to constantly create and redefine value for our users. Analyzing new opportunities, continuously building relationships and executing the best strategies with our clients in mind.

We are proud to serve users and businesses in more than 10 countries. With an emphasis on continuous innovation, we will continue to build high-quality products and services to serve, inspire and empower every individual and business in the world.


IPCAPITAL is a Canadian company that has obtained a regulatory license from the Canadian Financial Regulatory Agency.

We also have a digital asset management license. In 2021, IPCAPITAL will officially launch our global financial products and our digital asset trading platform, providing global users with a comprehensive diversified financial services platform.

Our AI analytics trading system, the AIA BOT system works by aggregating market information, transaction volume, and other relevant data to accurately predict market trends. After several months of testing, the AIA BOT system has achieved an average win rate of 97%, setting a dazzling record.

Now, we are ready to serve individuals and businesses as they navigate through challenging financial markets.

AIA Bot System

AI trading and analytics system, automate trading operations with AI analytics

Smart Bot

9% - 15% /month
$ 19
  • Minimum deposit : 100USD
  • Maximum deposit : 300USD
  • Automated trading : 1T-2T / day

Genius Bot

30% - 45% /month
$ 99
  • Minimum deposit : 100USD
  • Maximum deposit : Sin límites
  • Automated trading : 1T-4T / day

Brilliant Bot

15% - 30% /month
$ 39
  • Minimum deposit : 100USD
  • Maximum deposit : 1000USD
  • Automated trading : 1T-3T / day

The Genius bot is recommended as it is the one that produces the most benefits

Business presentation

In the following video you can see a business presentation and how you can obtain interesting returns and additional commissions by being part of IPCapital.

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